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The Via Lacuna dream.

The Via Lacuna dream.

Let’s start with my obsession with childrens books. The AR reading list was my jam. Basically, the system was designed for educators to measure the reading levels and monitor actual... Read More

For my future baby.

Explore glee. Happiness that does not fade or static. Animals that service people just by their presence. Flowers that illuminate a field. Trees that line pavement and drop leaves in unison. Mountains that hang over cities and towns. People that smile, not seeking anything in return. Beaches that wave in solidarity on an evening night. Cold that brushes against your cheeks in the most gratifying way. Loved ones that call simply because the thought of you arose. Feet hitting pavement, counting the miles.
For my future baby.


Hair Bow - Alabaster


Ribbed Bodysuit - Cream


Short Sleeve Henley Romper - Butterscotch


Ruffle Bloomer - Pale Mauve


The Finley Romper in Sand


Ribbed Henley Romper - Almond


Moxford® - Meerkat


Bloom Swaddle- Sienna



Lacuna, pronounced la·cu·na /ləˈk(y)o͞onə/ is a noun meaning "unfilled space or interval; a gap". Our hope is that Via Lacuna will pour all the creativity, inspiration and learning to promote exploration in support of your child's development, filling the gap with meaningful moments.

Via Lacuna was born out of Taos New Mexico on the outskirts of the Carson National Forest, plopped amongst desert marigolds and sagebrush. Amongst views of the Sangria De Cristo mountaintops that stood as perfect peaks to welcome each sunrise and sunset, the Via Lacuna dream began.

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