Malaysia reports Vol. Clothes of Muslim

Malaysia reports Vol. Clothes of Muslim Last year to support the association as an intern of halal Japan Association, the three-DaiSawa's currently studying in Malaysia, will deliver the business living environment related to the Muslims (Muslims) in Malaysia. Theme as the roughly One of food, clothing and shelter, this time we will introduce [clothing]. First, the people of Malaysia. Not only originally people were country Nii called a Malay, the various cultural mingled into a lot of race has become a feature of the country. The ratio of ":::" is the essential figures in this country. Malay accounted for the majority of the split, followed by number is ethnic Chinese (), Indian (), is the other (). This is, also dressed, as much as can be seen from the figure has remained dark color of the ethnic groups in the downtown of the capital city Kuala Lumpur even today with modern clothes were generalized. Many of the Muslim Malay (ethnic Chinese, Indian Muslims also seen in the country), and I would like to see the Malaysia Muslim circumstances from their clothes and decoration.
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